Simulator Private Hire

Offer your friends or colleagues an amazing activity and team building experience!

By hiring our Flight Simulators you get exclusive access to all four of our simulators, including two Airbus A380’s and two Boeing 777’s. Our highly trained instructors will guide you through the whole experience and teach you all the basic controls in the cockpit.

We will split your group into teams of pilots and co-pilots and together you can enjoy flying your aircrafts and practice your take-off and landing skills. You can choose from ten different airport destinations as well as try different weather conditions and times of day.

The Competition

With the Simulators Private Hire package you can also do our Landing Competition! Our instructors will encourage everyone to participate and assist you in landing your aircraft while achieving the highest score possible.

At the end of your session the best team or pilot will be awarded with a certificate from the Emirates Aviation Experience. You can also give prizes to the winners by selecting from our range of unique gifts from our shop.

Simulator Private Hire

Private hire of all four simulators
1 hour session
Up to 16 people per session
Competition and Certificates for the winners
Exhibition entrance tickets included


Ultimate Simulator Private Hire

Private hire of all four simulators
2 hour session
Up to 16 people per hour
Competition and Certificates for the winners
FREE prize for the ultimate winner!
Exhibition entrance tickets included

£720 £630
(25% off on the second hour!)

To book your exclusive simulator experience call us at 020 3440 7021 or email us at

If you have more people in your group or have any other special requirements, let us know and we will do our best to assist you.

50% off the Emirates Air Line Private Hire

As a private customer, you also get an exclusive 50% off the Emirates Air Line cable car private hire. This return trip package includes an exclusive cabin for up to 8 people as well as a jump-the-queue service and a complimentary souvenir guide for each passenger. We also offer activities that you can do with your group during your cable car trip!

£90 £45

Alternatively you can offer your group individual return tickets. These tickets can be used separately and offer more flexibility, however they don’t include the extra services of the private hire.

£7 £6

You can also hire all simulators as part of our birthday party packages!

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