Flight Simulators

We were proud to offer both the A380 and the B777 simulators

The Emirates Aviation Experience was the only place in the UK featuring four Flight Simulators of their kind; two Airbus A380’s and two Boeing 777’s.

Visitors could select an airport from any of ten destinations, the time of day and weather conditions, and pilot the plane through a take-off, landing or advanced landing.

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The experience was perfect for beginners. It was guided by a trained simulator instructor, and was a great way to gain insight into what it takes to fly a commercial aircraft.

Our Fleet

Airbus A380

The Airbus A380 was first launched in 2005 and with a double-deck throughout the cabin, it is still today the largest commercial aircraft in the world. It can carry up to 544 passengers in the four-class configuration and with a 567 tonnes maximum takeoff weight it is a miracle of modern commercial aviation. You can discover a lot more about the Airbus A380 at our exhibition.


The Airbus A380 cockpit, similar to all recent Airbus aircrafts, features a sidestick control system, which sits to the left of the pilot’s seat. This in one of the main differences between the Airbus and Boeing control navigation systems.

Boeing B777

The Boeing 777 was launched in 1994 and it is still one of the most popular aircrafts in the world. It can carry up to 396 passengers in a two-class configuration and similarly to the A380, it can fly very long distances. A B777 can fly from London to Sydney in 19.5 hours. The same journey in 1965 would have required 6 stops and would take almost two days!


The Boeing B777 cockpit features a control column, or in other words a yoke controller, which sits in the middle of the pilot’s seat. The navigation control system is one of the main differences between Airbus and Boeing.


During the Simulator Experience visitors could select from 10 different airports around the world to take off and land their aircraft, as well as different weather conditions.

Hong Kong