Mystery Challenge

Solve exciting puzzles and fly a simulator to find the missing scientist!

The Missing Scientist

“The famous scientist Albert Victor Ashion disappeared on his way to Vienna, where he was about to reveal a very important discovery! Can you find where the scientist is and who kidnapped him? And most importantly, can you fly there to rescue him and take him to Vienna in time to announce his discovery?!”

Our new Mystery Challenge for families, will keep you on your toes trying to find hidden clues and solve exciting puzzles. You will also need to fly an Airbus A380 or Boeing 777 flight simulator to solve the case of the Missing Scientist!

The Missing Scientist challenge can be booked during school holidays or for parties

Groups will form teams and explore the exhibition for clues. Which of the 6 suspects is the kidnapper? It will take skill, brains and even a nose to sniff out the truth!

Explore different locations of the exhibition such as the Aircraft Seats to read what Gina Tonic, the cabin crew member, had to say about Albert’s disappearance, and use tools such as the decoder to solve the puzzles.

Players will be assigned different roles, e.g. the Decoder, the Scribe, the Interviewer, but it will require a team effort in order to solve the mystery. The experience is perfect for families and children, and can be self-led or facilitated by our team depending on how many players participate.

Here is an example of one of the many puzzles you will have to complete to solve the mystery!

As soon as a team has found where the scientist was taken and who the kidnapper is, they will have to “fly” there to rescue him! Teams will be welcomed in the flight simulators by an instructor and guided through the whole experience.

Instructors will help teams to learn the basics of flying and get to their airport as quickly and as safely as possible. The higher the landing score, the faster you will have arrived, and the sooner you can take the scientist back to Vienna to announce his discovery!

The solution to the mystery case and the winning team will be announced at the end of the party with certificates and prizes.


  • Up to 2-hour experience, between 10am – 6pm
  • Between 4 – 16 players (children and adults)
  • Flight Simulator Experience
  • Optional food and drinks at the Aviation Cafe
  • Discounted prizes and gift packs

Package prices start from £85

The minimum age to use the simulators is 9. Younger children can participate and enjoy the rest of the activities and puzzles but during the flight simulation they can only sit at the back and participate as passengers.

The puzzles are designed for different age groups so almost everyone can play and enjoy the activity together. Our aim is for children and adults to have fun while also learning interesting facts about aviation.

* A parent or guardian must be present at all times.
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* You need to tell us in advance of any dietary requirements.
* Bookings can be rescheduled within 3 months depending on availability.
* Details can be amended up to 1 week before your event.
* Custom packages may include additional fees. Prices include VAT.