Aircraft Models

Exclusive Emirates model aircraft

Give an aviation fan a fantastic gift, complete your collection with our fleet of model aircraft or take home a souvenir of your simulator session. We have a selection of detailed replicas from £14.99 – £109.99

A380_ 1.250_model_14.99_270x270Emirates A380 1:250 Model Aircraft

A replica of Emirates flagship A380 aircraft for your desk to inspire your next trip. This 1:250 scale model has fine paint, window and engine detail. It clips to the stand and is made from hollow plastic


Emirates A380 1:200 Model Aircraft

Take home a miniature scale model of our most iconic aircraft, the largest passenger aircraft in the world. This 1:200 model is made from solid plastic and has perfect paint, livery and window details..



Emirates A380 1:200 Model Aircraft

Create an impressive feature for your home or office with 1:200 scale model of Emirates flagship A380 aircraft. A collector’s piece for a true aviation enthusiast.



Emirates B777 1:400 Model Aircraft

Emirates have the largest fleet of Boeing 777 aircraft in the world. Enjoy a 1:400 solid, die-cast metal version for your desktop, complete with fine paint, window and engine detail.



Emirates B777 1:200 Model Aircraft

Complete your collection with this B777 1:200 model complete with stand.